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Our accounting service clients get benefits from our co-partners. They offer different business related services.

All our partners have been selected keeping their professionality in mind and the competence in their field. That is the reason we recommend their products and services to our clients.

A-Tolliagentuur is the biggest trade associated reports formalizer in Estonia. They mostly formalize following reports to our clients: intrastat, tare report (including annual report), electronics report (imported household appliances), import-export price reports, customs documents. The activity of A-Tolliagentuur is based on client-oriented collaboration that provides the opportunity to find additional resources internally for the company's chief industry.

All A-Tolliagentuur services -15% to our customers

Accounting service with solution is an innovative approach to accounting. The main advantage of the service is a significantly bigger operability - accounting is performed on an ongoing basis. An Entrepreneur has the opportunity to use online customer support and access to all of their accounting 24/7, including reports (such as an overview of the debtors) and digital source documents (invoices, receipts). Learn more about the solution in

We offer free basic training of accounting to all of our customers

Directo is a web-based business software that has united traditional possibilities of an economic software (such as accounting and sales) and modern tools that make business management and decision-making more efficient. Directo is suitable for medium and large companies because of its good analytical possibilities and effectiveness of large data volumes. At the same time all Directo's opportunities are also available to small businesses which makes Directo attractive to growth-oriented businesses. Directo is the only all-in web-based business software in Estonia that has combined financial accounting, enterprise resource planning, supply chain and customer relationship management, and document management.

Does accounting seem like a pointless expence?
Would you like to get significantly bigger additional value from accounting?
Amello Raamatupidamisteenused in cooperation with Infovara offers one of a kind opportunity to analyze accounting data of an enterprise wherein accounting value in that enterprise grows substantially... For example have you ever thought whether your product or service is profitable enough? Who is your most profitable client? Who is the most effective worker? ... etc.

All Infovara services -20% to our customers has a new approach to business software! The whole solution is web based which gives the opportunity to work anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. handles stock accounting, CRM, document management, record of the time and in-depth reporting as a whole. In addition this software communicates with office package called Office, as a result you will always find your important e-mails, contracts or offers under client documents. In cooperation with Amello Raamatupidamisteenused we offer the opportunity to make your sales invoices in solution and they will reach your accountant conveniently.

Uniflex Software
The main product of Uniflex Software is a sales system of services (ASP- Application Service Provisioning) which is available as a service of letting and it is called Uniflex. It is optimized to manage information which is connected to poviding service (both onetime and repeatable), for the production of documents and tracking the incomes. Due to the fact that Uniflex-system has Accounts receivable it makes the accounting process easier and improves the in-house work distribution. Multilinguism and the support of many currencies favor the usage of this software in international corporations. The availability of flexible properties, automated processes and the existence of many input/output channels enables to use Uniflex as in-house integrated center element of the information system.

All Uniflex Software services -15% to our customers